How To Pay Less For Cable & Internet

Phone and cable bills can be expensive, so it’s possible there may be an option to spend less.  If the charges are over $90 monthly, there are certain options to consider before the end of the next billing period.

Tons of little cable and internet companies are popping up onto the scene. In order to compete with the bigger cable and internet providers, these smaller companies are providing their services at exorbitant price reductions. Finding these affordable cable and internet plans could literally end up saving hundreds of dollars annually on the final bills.

If there is a someone with the same cable provider who was able to haggle down their monthly rate, perhaps those same footsteps can be followed. Chances are, if a contract has already been signed, the provider company will refuse to lower the rate even if the user a long-time client.

Let’s look at some other options to lower rates for phone and cable bills

Compare company rates.

Cable and internet providers have a few tricks up their sleeves when it comes to billing. It’s common for service providers to tack on additional fees and add-on figures with little or no notice – and the surprising thing is that people will pay their heightened bills without question.

Competition in the cable and internet market has elevated dramatically over the last few years, making lower prices abundant in a fight to help the business. Whether it’s providing lower prices, or tempting clients with more cable channels for their buck, the smaller cable providers are steadily climbing the ranks as the preferred cable and internet option.

Chances are, the most affordable option was the one initially chosen for cable and internet package. After all, no one wants to pay hundreds of dollars a month just to check email and stream Netflix from home. Even the right one was already snagged, it’s still worth hunting around for other options – there may be better options to be found.

Cable Companies Expect Reciprocal Trust

Before committing to a company, it’s wise to see if they can earn that trust first. 

Cable and internet providers notoriously sneak in a few extra charges or increase monthly rates without expecting the user to notice, or to at least not say anything. According to USA Today, the average cable and internet client gets overcharged as much as 2.5 times the original price of their package rate.

Take a look at rates provided by other cable and internet providers, and run the risk of finding that others are providing the service for a lower amount. If a lower rate is demanded by the service provider, they’ll either oblige or refuse – in which case, the competitors’ lower rates can be presented. If they still refuse to lower the rate, then simply end the contract and switch to a more affordable provider.

New prices and special rates are constantly being highlighted by cable and internet companies, particularly welcome packages that are open to new customers. However, do some research because being armed with the right information can grant access to appealing plans even without being a current customer.

Looking for a sweet plan? According to Finance Buzz,  a family cable and internet package is available for $69.99 monthly with DISH. With access to over 240 family-friendly channels, watch-anywhere capabilities, and a gratuitous Hopper 3 DVR upgrade, this is one of the favorite current solutions out there.

The important thing to keep in mind is that there are lower prices avialable with the right research. Usually, the most affordable prices are found in unexpected ways, not directly on the cable and internet providers’ websites. Most clients actively looking for a new provider tend to turn to big-name cable and internet companies first without thinking to check out the underdogs. This can be a crucial mistake and someone could end up spending way more money than they need to.

Where Can Someone Find These Plans?

The key is to do extensive research. Depending on the state, service providers and their corresponding prices will vary. If the goal is to graft money off a cable bill, then spending the time comparing different rates will surely prove to be beneficial. Learn what smaller providers are providing on special at the moment, and compare it to the current rate!

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